Choose from a variety of in-depth courses spanning multiple weeks designed to build the necessary skill-set to efficiently analyze DNA test results.

Beginning Genetic Genealogy

Explore the biological concepts of genetics and inheritance patterns, and gain the necessary skills to analyze DNA results. Includes instruction in the use of Genome Mate Pro. (Four three-hour sessions)

Intermediate DNA Analysis

Build on the skills acquired from the Beginning Genetic Genealogy workshop. Learn about the concepts of X-chromosome inheritance, misattributed paternity, relationship predictions, and targeted testing plans. (Four three-hour sessions)

Genome Mate Pro: Know it and Go

Part One of a Two-Part Series. Learn step by step how to install and import the many files needed to derive maximum benefits from the DNA analysis program Genome Mate Pro. (Three-hour session includes hands-on lab)

Genome Mate Pro: Analysis & Chromosome Mapping

Part Two of a Two-Part Series. Explore the full functionality of Genome Mate Pro. Learn to create a chromosome map using this software. (Three-hour session includes hands-on lab)